Specialists in Machine Tool Services, Rebuilding, Repair and Retrofitting.

Specialist in Machine tool repair

Shear Blade Service

Stanley Continues can provide shear blade changes, shear blade flips, shear blade grinding services and/or new shear blade sales, as well as repair and rebuilding on Accushear’s, Adira shear’s, AFM shear’s, Amada shear’s, American Hercules shear’s, Bath shear’s, Barth shear’s, Bertsch shear’s, Besco Truecut shear’s


blades or rotate existing blades to an unused edge. Our team of machine technicians will install, shim, set and adjust cutting clearances for maximum quality cuts.

We also provide blade grinding and sharpening services that can accommodate blades to a 20ft length. Special angles for material consideration can be supplied.

Complete shear repair, rebuild and service is also available.

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Shear Blade Service: We Rotate, Replace, Grind, Level and Sharpen.

Shear Blade Service Grinding-Leveling-Adjustments.

Hydraulic Shear 20 ft x 5/8 inch Capacity

Foot Shear 4ft x 16 Gauge

Shear 10 Gauge

Shear 8 ft, Hydraulic Conversion